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ITIS Ayurvedic Eye Drops
ITIS Eye Drops

Enriched with 12 Precious Herbs & Rose Water

ITIS Ayurvedic Eye Drop Ingredients ITIS Eye Drop Ingredients
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Cools, Refreshes & Relaxes

High Exposure to -
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Clinical Trial at AIIMS, New Delhi

ITIS Eye Drops Clinical Research at AIIMS, New Delhi, India
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About ITIS

ITIS Eye Drops – One of Its Kind Ayurvedic Eye Drops in India

ITIS eye drops are purely ayurvedic eye drops in India, enriched with 12 amazing herbs. These eye drops have honey as one of the key ingredients, which is indispensable in curing pink eyes, dry eyes, watery eyes and itchy eyes condition. Presence of honey is also useful in treating cataract and corneal disease. The honey eye drops are effective in treatment of bacterial infections in the eyes.

ITIS Eye Drops based on Principles of Ayurveda

ITIS ayurvedic eye drops are a revolutionary product with a polyherbal formulation. These eye drops offer the benefit of sharper vision and comfortable viewing. Use of multiple herbs in these ayurvedic eye drops serve the purpose of irrigating, refreshing and revitalizing tired eyes, red eyes, pink eyes and dry eyes condition. These ayurvedic eye drops are indeed ranked in the league of the best and the distinct. The key ingredients used in preparation of ITIS ayurvedic eye drops in India are: Turmeric, Neem, Vibhitaka, Amla, Tulsi Patra, Pudina, Yamini, Honey, Sandal wood, Red Sandal wood, Elaichi, Bhringaraj, Phitkari and Gulab Jal (Rose Water). The purpose behind using Rose Water as one of key ingredients is to give a feeling of cooling effect, and render an overwhelming relaxation to eyes.

The best ayurvedic eye drops are not considered best for the namesake purpose, but their regular use helps in improving irritable condition of your eyes. The eye drops with ayurvedic herbs are effective in providing respite in extreme eye conditions that may be due to long hours of working in front of the computers, wearing of contact lens, living in a smoky and dingy work place. These are considered as the best eye drops in India for administering in conditions such as allergic conjunctivitis, feeling of sensation of foreign particles in the eyes, and even when you start feeling burning eyes.

Treat Your Eyes Special with the Best Ayurvedic Eye Drops

You want to see beautiful things in the life, and this is the reason you need to look out for the best ayurvedic eye drops. With ITIS, you have the advantage of writing the eulogy and create an imagery of pleasure dome. 2-3 eye drops twice in a day will protect you from environmental pollutants, irritants and pathogens, which remain suspended in air. These ayurvedic eye drops are regarded as the best, non-reactive to the sensitive tissues. You are going to feel that the clarity in your vision has improved significantly after administering ITIS ayurvedic eyes drops.

The Best Ayurvedic Eye drops in India to Improve Vision

Administering the ITIS Ayurvedic eye drops regularly does not give side effects, and you feel relaxed and comfortable. You are going to find your vision is improving. These eye drops give you an all-time great feeling. ITIS eye drops are indisputably the best eye drops for reason your eyes are lubricated, cooled and you enjoy a refreshing feeling. Maintenance of perfect eye health is possible with ITIS – the best Ayurvedic eye drops in India.

The medicine, namely ITIS eye drops has been found satisfactory for the symptomatic relief pertaining to eye diseases.

100% relief in irritation, redness and eye strain were reported by all the patients using the (ITIS) eye drops for these symptoms.

Dr. Surinder Sharma
Ayurvedic Hospital Chotta, Shimla
Dr. Rajendra Singh
Banaras Hindu University(BHU), Varanasi