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ITIS Ayurvedic Eye Drops
ITIS Eye Drops

Enriched with 11 Precious Herbs & Rose Water

ITIS Ayurvedic Eye Drop Ingredients ITIS Eye Drop Ingredients
itis plus eye drops

Cools, Refreshes & Relaxes

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About ITIS

ITIS Eye Drops – One of Its Kind Ayurvedic Eye Drops in India

ITIS eye drops are purely ayurvedic eye drops in India, enriched with 12 amazing herbs. These eye drops have honey as one of the key ingredients, which is indispensable in curing pink eyes, dry eyes, watery eyes and itchy eyes condition. Presence of honey is also useful in treating cataract and corneal disease. The eye drops are effective in treatment of bacterial infections in the eyes. Moreover, you do not experience the sensation of inflammation or irritation.

Administering the ITIS Ayurvedic eye drops regularly, will not result into side effects, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable. You are going to find your vision is improving. These eye drops give you an all-time great feeling. ITIS eye drops are indisputably the best eye drops for reason your eyes are lubricated, cooled and you enjoy a refreshing feeling. Maintenance of perfect eye health is possible with ITIS – the best Ayurvedic eye drops in India.


Clinical Trial at AIIMS, New Delhi

ITIS Eye Drops Clinical Research at AIIMS, New Delhi, India
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The medicine, namely ITIS eye drops has been found satisfactory for the symptomatic relief pertaining to eye diseases.

100% relief in irritation, redness and eye strain were reported by all the patients using the (ITIS) eye drops for these symptoms.

Dr. Surinder Sharma
Ayurvedic Hospital Chotta, Shimla
Dr. Rajendra Singh
Banaras Hindu University(BHU), Varanasi