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Eye Drops Manufacturers in India - Ozone Ayurvedics

Ozone Ayurvedics is a consumer Healthcare organization, established in the year of 2000 in New Delhi, on a simple ideology – “Life is Precious.” The company operates and conducts business across India, under the aegis of Ozone Group of Companies. The group is also playing an instrumental role in reviving and promoting essence of Ayurveda and growth of Ayurvedic system in India. In years that followed post establishment, Ozone Group laid down effective steps to execute a comprehensive, well-planned diversification in manufacturing of ayurvedic and herbal products.

The vision: To enrich society by using holistic approach of ancient science of Ayurveda.

Today, Ozone Group has state of the art manufacturing unitsset up in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and Guwahati (Assam). Each of these manufacturing units incorporate ultra- modern methods of standardization and quality control in preparation of herbal and ayurvedic products on large scale.
Manufacturing Units Also ranked among the innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India, we have taken a leap in extrapolating affordable and safe health care products viz-a-viz moisturizing creams, face washes, face scrubs, serums, face masks, face packs, sunscreen soaps & eye drops.
In recent years, the company has evolved as one of the leading eye drops manufacturers in India. We are on the frontiers of manufacturing ITIS ayurvedic eye drops. We boast of our aseptic production units, which fulfil national standards, as applicable in the manufacturing of eye drops.

Ayurvedic Eye Drops Manufacturers and Consumer Healthcare Organization

Besides being acclaimed eye drops manufacturers in India, we have grown as a family and an institution. We are dedicated to work for the well-being of society by developing herbal and ayurvedic principles of medicine. The company also remains argus-eyed on the safeguards and safety norms practised in organic herbals and ayurvedics. Emphasis is always on well-planned clinical and observational trials with sole intention to offer the consumers satisfaction through effective healthcare.
Despite the entry of new players in herbal and ayurvedic products market, we continue to be a very strong, competitive player.

Quality Control is the Tradition

At Ozone Ayurvedics, quality control is a tradition and we strictly live by this tradition. In every stage of production of consumer-oriented healthcare products, there is no compromise made on quality control measures. Whether it is the selection of raw material or the finished product that has crossed the assembly line, there is always a strict adherence to quality. We keep upgrading our production lines on regular basis. We also maintain a huge organic herbal farm, which is the source of herbs. Ozone Ayurvedics has created the age-related skincare products.
In these long and celebrated years, Ozone Ayurvedics, and the group, has made an indelible mark on herbal and ayurvedic market of India. Ozone Group continues to register its vertical growth in a competitive market, exploring new avenues and markets outside India.