Eye Drops for Dry Eyes in India

Human eye is profusely supplied with blood vessels and lubricating glands, which give out continuous secretion of tears, to keep the eyes comfortable as well as healthy by washing away debris, grime and dust particles, which may damage cornea and results into severe eye infection. These blood vessels and lubricating glands are also responsible for lending sharp vision to eyes. A dry eye is the consequence of dysfunction in lubricating glands, and there is a solution available in the form of ITIS eye drops for dry eyes.

Drops For Dry Eyes

Basically, dry eye syndrome is due to insufficient lubrication and moistness on the epithelial lining of the eyes. The syndrome is also common by other names like: dry eye disease, or dry eye. The prevalence of dry eye disease is in major cosmopolitan and metropolitan towns of India, where the population and pollution are always on high rise. Dry eyes can result into terrible consequences, however, of which, constant eye irritation, mild to acute inflammation and scarring over the front surface of the eye, seem to be common. Dry eye disease also causes severe problems in case of individuals who have had a LASIK and cataract surgery.
Dry eyes can also lead to redness of Sclera, and irritability, which ultimately leads to feeling of scratchiness. With perversity of the syndrome, symptoms become intense, and there is no other alternative left for an individual except to visit eye doctor. You always have a good alternative available in the form of administering ayurvedic eye drops for dry eyes in India like ITIS.

How Dry Eye Drops Balance Out the Symptoms

Every disease is known by its range of symptoms, and this is also the case with dry eyes. Major symptoms of dry eyes include:

Feeling of intense burning sensation
Itchy eyes and irritation
Intense aching
Heaviness in eyes
Fatigued eyes
Blurred vision
Soreness in the eyes

Dry  Eyes Symptoms

The ayurvedic dry eye drops like ITIS help in minimizing these critical symptoms. Continuously administering these eye drops will let the symptoms fade away in matter of days. The symptoms do not come back in normal conditions, but if you experience them again at any point of time, you need to consult your eye doctor.

Factors Responsible for Dry Eyes Disease

Dry eye disease may occur due to one or more reasons. In order to know about the disease better, it is necessary that you have good knowledge on the factors, which aid in the occurrence and development of disease

Aging – It is a common factor responsible for the occurrence of disease, especially in the elderly people.

Smoking – This is a precursor in case of dry eye disease. Besides, it also causes several other eye problems like macular degeneration, Uveitis etc.

Indoor environment – Humidity and moisture content of your eyes is considerably reduced due to air conditioning, ceiling fans etc. Tear evaporation is also fast. All of it causes dry eye disease.

Outdoor environment- There is always an increased risk of occurrence of dry eye disease in people who live at Arid zones, or in dry and windy environments.

Recurrent Flying – The air inside planes is pressurized and dry, and if you are a recurrent air traveler, there are chances of you developing this disease.

Existing Health Conditions – Systemic diseases likediabetes, thyroid or endocrine diseases, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome play important role in occurrence of dry eye problems.

Treatment of Dry Eye Diseases

There are treatments and prevention methods available for treating the dry eye syndrome. In the recent times, best eye drops for dry eyes like ITIS are available online & at over the counter shelves. It has made the life of people suffering from the disease many times easier. ITIS ayurvedic eye dryness drops help in enhancing the secretion of tears to lubricate the surface of eyes. In fact, eye drops for dry eyes are a boon in disguise.
ITIS Ayurvedic eye dryness drops are a remedy, which works effectively in your case. There is an easy availability of eye drops for dry eyes in India, and all you need is adoption of shopping- comparison strategy. It is significant ayurvedic eye drops not only offer you dry eye relief, but peace of mind as well.